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Lesser Bill

Cut down your monthly electricity expenses by up to 75%! As the annual energy costs continue to rise without a clear end in sight, transitioning to solar power can be the answer. Take charge of your savings today by installing solar energy systems for your home or business, without any upfront costs.

Eco Friendly

By adopting clean and economically efficient energy sources, you can contribute to the prevention of over 300 tons of CO2 emissions, safeguarding our planet. Transforming your home into a renewable energy generator will not only instill a sense of pride but also result in financial savings.

Tax Credit

Receive a Tax Credit when you go Solar! You are rewarded when you help better the planet. This can be claimed on federal income taxes for a percentage of the cost of a solar PV system paid for by the taxpayer. Solar PV systems installed in 2020 and 2021 are eligible for a 26% tax credit.

Property Value

Incorporating an average solar system into your home can potentially increase its resale value by as much as 15%. When the time comes to sell, having a home equipped with solar power can provide you with a competitive advantage in the real estate market. It serves as a unique and appealing selling point that buyers actively seek out.